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Want to increase your industry market share? A web presence is one of the most effective and economical methods to expose potential clients to your company. Provide your clients with 24x7 access to your business entity.

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"SpartanSoft was contracted to create a promotional website for vitaminwater in support of our Tony Parker Trash Talk campaign. They were able to exceed our expectations and came under budget. The delivered web application has greatly enhanced our current promotional campaign. I would highly recommend them to anyone and plan on using their services for our future campaigns."
Christian Mella, vitaminwater

"SpartanSoft has my strongest recommendation...they are professional, client-focused and responsive to the customer's needs."
Ann Marie Kearney, Boutique Wine Cellar.

"We highly recommend SpartanSoft. They quickly transformed our web-site into a much more professional and attractive web presence."
Paul D. Dembowski, Liberty Street Software.

"I highly recommend Chris and Spartansoft for his Programming, quality of work, attention to detail and his ability to deliver on time and on budget. Chris has completed a number of projects for me and has become one of my key go to people."
Sean Fricke, Ulticom.

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About Us
Why Us, We are a small software development firm located in the Danbury area of Connecticut specializing in web site design and application development utilizing Microsoft technologies.

SpartanSoft keeps overhead costs to a minimum via virtual work environments enabling us to pass on the savings to our clients. Our team is small allowing us to provide excellent customer service as well as enabling us to be nimble.

About New Jersey Web design
Web Technology 101
Please read our blog entries to gain an understanding of how the web works. We have compiled numerous entries to address common questions. Click on the links below to read the full articles.

Printer Friendly Web Pages
I was recently asked by a client to make their web pages “printer” friendly.   The majority of the sites for which I try to print from result in un-readable printouts either the text is truncated or the styles make it unreadable.  I have been to many sites where you can click a link to see […]
How to refresh page using JavaScript window.location.reload
Sometimes a JavaScript method may change the context of the current page making some of the content obsolete.  An example is if due to a user action you change the value of a cookie.  Say you have a dialog to launch a user settings page.  On this page you can select to show/not show C# code.  Once […]
How much does it cost to create a website?
This is a common question we get asked and unfortunately does not have a straight forward answer.  The initial answer generally is “It Depends”.  Just as if someone asked you, “How much does it cost to buy a car?” It is not realistic that you can provide an accurate answer without knowing the specifications for which the price can vary greatly.  (Used 78 VW Bug vs. 07 […]
To Flash or not to Flash
OK, I must admit I am indifferent when it comes to web design using Flash.   I am definitely not a fan of the intro movies and always choose to skip them, but a bit of flash here and there for navigation does not seem too intrusive in website design.  Issue is there are users out there […]
How do I get my website to show up at the top of Google search results?
Starting a new website?  How do you get traffic to our new web site?  This is the million dollar question, and if you are an E-Commerce site this could literally be a million dollar question.  Most of us are familiar with Google but for those of you who are not Google is a diversified company but made famous initially by their […]
Snatching an Expiring Domain Name
When determining what domain name you would like to purchase for your web site you may encounter issues with finding a preferred name that is not already owned by someone else.  Domain names are leased and when the lease period is up if the owner does not renew then the domain name becomes available once […]
Selecting a Domain name, are any left?
One of the decisions you will need to make when deciding you want a website is what domain name you would like to purchase.  I have to say this can be a  frustrating process due to the lack of preferred domain names.  In this post I will first go into the details of what a domain name is […]
How does the Web/Internet work?
Most people undoubtedly have been on the Internet visiting web sites via a web browser such as Internet Explorer, AOL, FireFox, etc.  This post will go over some of the basic terminology associated with web sites.  I prefer to quote Wikipedia for specific definitions but will elaborate when deemed beneficial.  I highly recommend Wikipedia for looking up […]